So it begins…

Originally ZEDorDEAD was a place for horror and alternative artists to show, discuss and argue the horror scene which has developed into what you see today, the tongue in cheek name was devised as a homage to the horror movie genre.

The new breed

In 2011 we decided to create the website to showcase some of the work we do and also offer some of the artworks printed on a huge range of products.

Also in 2011 we set up a mainstream design & print company called INK INK INC, which offers printed products, graphic design, web design and trade bulk printing on a much bigger range of products than ZEDorDEAD offers (go check them out).



ZEDorDEAD fred logo

We strive to be unique in the products we offer you and most are 100% exclusive to us!

Each product or artwork print is credited to the artist who created it and we are always looking for new artists to join us.

We are also looking for traders wanting to sell their wares on ZEDorDEAD contact us today for more info.

So if you have what it takes to produce stunning printable artworks get in touch today (click here)

If you do want to get your art working for you we will need 10 specimens of work minimum to evaluate, either in digital format (photo, file etc) or you can come visit us at our high street office in Doncaster.