Unsure as to why you would want to contact our sorry asses but hey ho you may need to for some inane reason.

Just make sure your email isn’t long winded and boring as f*#k because basically we CBA with shit emails, the internet deals enough of those up already so if you want our attention be creative spadge.

ZEDorDEAD is not a democracy its a Fredtatorship – Fred circa 2011


As you may have guessed the team who created this site are arseholes and like to swear/curse quite a lot ,this is intentional because we think its time some sites were truthful plus we can’t be bothered to edit ourselves any more.

So if you do see language you may feel is not to your taste and you feel offended or you would like to report it well tough shit do one twat face we don’t give a toss.

This is also the place where you can send any submissions in for our art gimps to look at for inclusion into our product range and earn you some coinage.

Just use the form below stating your interest in becoming a ZEDorDEAD art partner and we will email you back shortly.

All works sent in are your copyrighted images and will be treated as such and at no time will we infringe on your works in any way, that said if we feel your work is such that it would easily infringe on others work or we think it’s just down right shit then we reserve the right to refuse or remove any or all works so suck it up.

  • Doesn’t give a shit 50% 50%
  • Really CBA to reply but will 50% 50%

Although we CBA with mundane emails and blah blah messages we do take returns and faults on our goodies we make for you very seriously, in any case of damaged or faulty goods then please use the form provided to get our lazy asses motivated to help you fast.

Please add the product url link of the item you bought along with order and any other details so we can help get it sorted quick.

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