Everything else

  • About us – Us chatting crap about how blahrdy blah we are and that were nearly 10 years old yadah yadah
  • Come create with us – The page where we go on about how you can earn cash from your designs and artworks no matter how skilled you are …but i’m sure your not interested in that are you!
  • Our ethos – We don’t have one ,simple as … chaos theory reigns supreme.
  • Lovers corner – We all love something now and then … youll find that crap here.
  • Haters club – A place for all you weirdo geek freeks to get involved with some proper hating… liquorice burn and die bitch.
  • Official BS – Where all the legal gumph and stuff to stop us getting sent to prison resides.
  • Stuff gets added here so if you can be arsed to keep checking back please do you insane kind of ‘sat outside apple store 1st’ weird funnymunster cos we aint sending you no godamn lazy assed email to let you know so sort you own head out pal.