A few simple tips to make your products stay vibrant for longer.


To get the longest lasting colours for any garment please follow these instructions.
Wash at 30c, Never tumble or machine dry, never dry at 40c or higher, iron inside out.


Paper or poster

Although very hard-wearing our printed paper or posters prefer it living out of direct sunlight unless framed under UV protective glass.
The PVC posters are more hard wearing than paper or card and can be used outdoors for many years.


Printed ceramics such as mugs, plates etc. are printed using the best UV and water resistant inks on the market but to make your mugs last longer we advise hand-washing.

Vinyl decals

Our standard vinyl decals are made using 7 year outdoor vinyl for longevity and vibrant colours for year after year.
If used indoors our vinyls will last 25 years or more.

3D printed items

Our 3D printed products are made from 2 plastic types which are PLA or PETG.
PLA is mainly used for indoor room temp purposes and doesn’t perform well in heat.
PETG is a more robust plastic and can be used in areas PLA can’t


Resin Cast items

Any resin printed or cast products are very robust and can take a lot of roughing about before any damage will show, that said colours can fade slightly if used in high sun areas but this is negigable

Glass products

As with all glass products care must be taken due to their fragile nature, our solid glass photos and paper weights are very robust but will possibly chip if dropped.
Sun fade can occur if in high sun areas.


Vinyl or paper stickers

Paper stickers will fade in sunlight no matter what the brand and are easily damaged with water.
Vinyl photo stickers on the other hand will last indefinatly if used in a low abrasion area and are waterproof once stuck in place.