Fred or Dead poster A0 or Z0 size


Fred or Dead huge wall art posters 60×40 inch and 33×47 inch

  • A0
  • Z0
  • Paper
  • PVC

Huge Custom posters A0 and Z0

Make that wall stand out like never before with our superb quality prints, huge custom printed posters in size A0 and Z0 printed on art gallery grade 250gsm paper with a silk finish or our super all weather 400mic PVC.


Product info


  • Printed on glorious 250gsm silk gallery grade art paper or 400mic PVC.
  • Choose either A0 (1189 x 841mm) or Z0 (1016 x 1524mm).
  • FREE delivery to 1 UK address.
  • Comes in plain packaging perfect for gifts.
  • Discount for bulk orders of 5 units or more click here for info.
How to design posters

Designing your poster print yourself? Have an expert design team on hand? However you are creating your artwork, we have some helpful tips and advice on getting started with the design process.
Making sure you set up your poster correctly is crucial when you begin. Your finished print size will depend on the size you choose, so you’ll need to set your artwork accordingly.

Don’t forget to set your colour mode as CMYK and use high-resolution images only (at least 300dpi) as using anything less than this can affect the finished poster print quality.



FREE delivery to 1 UK address, please allow 5-10 working days for delivery, if you’re purchase is faulty or damaged in transit please send it back within 14 days for a full refund.
Your poster will ship in a tube container so please allow flattening time in your work flow this can be 3 to 15 hours.
For flattening tips see below.



Here’s a quick checklist for setting your artwork up for poster printing.


  •  The finished size of an A0 poster is 1189 x 841mm, Z0 is 1016 x 1524mm so please take this into account when designing.
  • Set your colour mode as CMYK
  • Use high resolution images only (at least 300dpi)
  • Save in either jpg if mainly photographic in nature or pdf if you have more text than image.
  • If you need any design work undertaken please contact us for more info.

Poster Flattening

Method 1: Roll the Poster Back on Itself

  1. Pull the cap off the top of the tube
  2. Remove your poster from the tube by tipping it until it slides partly out. Do not try and pinch or pull it out from inside the tube as this can cause wrinkles and creases
  3. Roll the poster out on a clean, flat surface so that it’s design down
  4. Carefully roll the poster around the outside of the tube, the opposite way to which it has previously been rolled
  5. Secure with a sticker or rubber bands
  6. Leave this for an hour
  7. Remove sticker or rubber bands and unroll to reveal a flat poster.

Method 2: Weigh the Poster Down

  1. Repeat steps 1 & 2 from method 1
  2. Roll out the poster on a clean, flat and hard surface (like a table)
  3. Place something heavy on each corner and in the middle to weigh it down. Books work particularly well
  4. Leave this for 24 hours
  5. Remove weights to reveal a flat posterEither method will make your posters perfect for framing or wall adornment.