Gold Remould™ | Reusable Flexible Moulding Gel


Gold Remould™ Reusable Flexible Moulding Gel | 3 Sizes | UK postage FREE


Gold Remould Reusable Moulding Gel

Made in Yorkshire tha knos

If you want to start making your own moulds then why not add some Gold Remould to your basket.
Make your own unique moulds quickly and easily anytime you want. Gold Remould is a re-usable food safe hot pour rubber like moulding gel.

Gold Remould Glass casting

Cast using household glasses


  • Let your creativity run wild, create unique moulds just by melting and cast pouring.
  • Comes in 3 strengths Flexi, Firm and Rigid for all types of mould making.
  • Flexi is great for chocolate & sugar moulding, it's food safe and eco friendly, where firmer is good for
  • All strengths are food safe and flexible for easy item removal from your moulds.
  • Every bar of Gold remould comes with full instructions of use & we have tutorial videos down there.
  • Bored of an old mould well just reheat it in the microwave or pan and recast.
  • Each mould will keep indefinitely but after 12 or so reheats they can no longer be used for food work.
  • When it is no longer good for food don't worry you can still use it for resin, wax & cement mould making.
  • The moulds are super easy to clean just zip over with a cold damp cloth.
  • Your new best friend for making awesome individual shapes in chocolate, candles, bath bombs and more.

Our superb Gold Remould moulding gel can be reused many times and is 100% safe to humans, animals or aliens.

Every batch is made right here in Yorkshire,UK and shipped across the world, if you would like to stock some Gold Remould in your shop then please get in touch for trade only prices.

More product info
  • Made from locally sourced materials.
  • Can be disposed of safely in your normal household waste bin or compost heap.
  • 100% food safe and bio degradable.
  • Clear honey opacity once set great for seeing any leaks etc.
  • Low bubble formula.
  • Odourless to begin with but will get a small smell to it after a few dozen reheats.

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