Love island Vibey text – Car Van Wall Laptop vinyl decal sticker


Love island vibey – Car Van Wall Laptop decal sticker – 5 Sizes – UK postage FREE – Buy 5 or more get 20% off


Love Island Vibey text – Car | Bike | Wall | Laptop vinyl decal sticker




Love island fever is everywhere so why not get vibey and join the fun, this fresh decal is available today and also on our buy 5 for the price of 4 offer.

These decals are larger than normal and will come in smaller pieces if over 20cm in size per letter for easier fixing to the area.


Choose your product

To order just pick your colour, quantity and size then add to basket, it’s that easy.

These decals will stick to any smooth surface such as a Car, Van, Laptop, Phone, Window and more.

We offer a wide choice of sizes and decal colours but if you require other colours, sizes or a bespoke custom made decal please get in touch with us here.

All decals come with FREE postage to any UK address, instructions of how to fit the decals can be found below. 

A detailed video on decal application can be found here

Clean the area

First clean the area you will be decorating, using mild dish soap, warm water and a paper towel.
Dry the area well with a lint free cloth or paper towel.
There must be no debris or fabric fibres under the decal otherwise it may show through as bumps under the sticker.

Get the decal ready

Lay the decal you purchased flat on a smooth hard surface with the clear transfer tape faced up, next from the centre gently but firmly run a bank card over the transfer tape every where the decal is making sure the decal has stuck to the transfer tape.

Place the decal

Once the decal has adhered to the transfer tape gently peel off the backing paper and place the top 4cm on the area you want it then gently roll the rest of the decal down. Use a bank card or squeegee to rub the decal.

Peel off the tape slowly and your done.

Best vinyls in the business

All our vinyl decals are made from the hardest wearing adhesive vinyls (the same ones we use for our commercial vehicle sign writing) so you can be asured you are buying quality every time.
Our decals are not like the cheap imported variety with the annoying clear excess area around the edge like you find on ebay, we make every single decal right here in the UK in Yorkshire and always will.